Board & Staff:

2022-23 Board of Directors    [ staff ]


Terri Modlin, President
Liby Waltemath, 1st Vice President
Michelle Norman, 2nd Vice President
Brian Schiermeyer, Treasurer
Tona Williams, Secretary

Board members:


Brittany Beaver

Janell Becerra

Barry Birr

Rhabecca Boerkircher

Drew Brown

Kristi Brumback

Dawn Cooperider

Bobbie Cronk

Jacob Dillon

Greg Dixon

Gam Ghatasheh

Annie Hartley

Karen Heyde-Lipanovich

Ruth Jones

Val Jones

Devon Kariker

Bill Luce

Sara Markt

Denise Meyer

Sandy Miller

Nick Robb

Martin Rucker

Lee Ann Smiley

Tom Smith

Martial Thevenot

Jill Vanderpool

Nominating Committee:

Rhabecca Boerkircher
Dawn Cooperider
Christy George
Tona Williams

Morton Fund Trustees:

Lori Boyer
Eileen Dyer
Jan Mehl
Nicholas Robb, Chair
Dr. Kim Schutte
Lynne Stover
Dr. Jane Nelson Thompson
Mary Alice Morton, ex-officio

Staff    [ board of directors ]

Teresa Fankhauser – Executive Director
Directs the Council, coordinates Arts Fund and Public Art. Facilitates member agency relations, writes grants, and advocates for the arts on the local, state and national level.

Cathy Ketter – Operations Director
Oversees daily operations of the office, coordinates Artists in the Schools and Artscape summer camp, and assists Board of Directors.

Marge Olson – Bookkeeper
Responsible for managing accounts receivable, payable and payroll.