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Invest in the Arts- Contribute to the Arts Fund

Lady's performing in the Mamma Mia play.

How To Help

Give to Annual Arts Fund Campaign

The Arts Fund of the Allied Arts Council supports a wide variety of arts activities provided by member agencies. As the only fund exclusively for the arts in St. Joseph, the Arts Fund provides a unique opportunity to support a wide range of arts programs and activities, spreading joy, inspiration, and creativity throughout our community. Your donation supports Art-Ventures that allow children in our community the opportunity to have their first symphonic or theatrical experience.


Your investment in the arts will help us achieve our mission of bringing arts and people together.

With your help, we’re making St. Joseph a cultural destination where the arts & culture enrich the lives of all residents.

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  • St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • Provides financial support to the Arts Council.

  • The Allied Arts Council is the City's official arts agency.