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Who We Are


The Allied Arts Council serves a mission of bringing the arts and people together with the vision of making St. Joseph, Missouri, a better place to live through the arts. 

As the leadership organization for the arts in St. Joseph, Missouri, the Council fulfills its mission of bringing arts and people together by fostering coordinated cultural planning, promoting artistic opportunities, offering marketing, advocacy, and financial support to its fourteen member agencies, providing arts education programs, and robust public art initiatives. Founded in 1963, the Council is the City of St. Joseph’s official community arts agency (designated in 1990 and reaffirmed in 2021) and is acknowledged statewide as an arts leader. The Council is managed by a professional staff of four and 32 members of the board of directors, and our programs utilize over 250 volunteers each year.

Financial Operations Coordinator


•           College degree or two years equivalent experience
•           Ability to work on varying projects simultaneously
•           Strong interpersonal skills
•           Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Duties and Responsibilities:

Maintain financial records

o    Monitor bank balances
o    Prepare and file financial documents
o    Process accounts payable and accounts receivable
o    Reconcile company accounts
o    Process payroll and track payroll data
o    Pay all vendors
o    Reconcile A/P and A/R monthly
o    Prepare W2s and 1099’s at calendar year-end
o   Serve as the lead contact and gather materials as required by the auditor.  

Maintain Arts Fund Allocations procedures.

o    Create and disperse Arts Fund Allocation agreements and create instructions for the Arts Fund Allocation and Final reports
o    Track funded agencies' fulfillment of requirements and timeliness of when completed
o    Disperse Arts Fund Allocations

Maintain content management system

o    Record donor pledges and payments, memberships and sponsorships
o    Send weekly campaign reports
o    Keep donor management data updated
o    Send correspondence to donors, including thank you letters, invoices, and tax letters
o    Enter visual artists in the database
o    Communicate with donors by phone and email.

The successful candidate will have the following key competencies:

•      Verbal and  written communication- speaks with clarity, has excellent writing skills
•      Detail-oriented - verifies important details, ensures there are no surprises or gaps in needed information
•      Multitasking - comfortable juggling multiple projects and priorities
•      Effective listening - builds understanding through listening to what others have to say and responding appropriately
•      Decision making - makes decisions and takes responsibility for them
•      Supportive - seeks ways to support team efforts while contributing to overall organizational success
•      Forward thinking - looks beyond immediate tasks to consider long-term impact; always considering what comes next
•      Evaluation skills - evaluates data and results according to accepted methodologies
•      Financial Analysis - expertly uses formulas and financial tools to evaluate and improve performance
•      Management skills - possesses financial and people management skills, as well as the management of information

Salary and Benefits

This full-time hourly (30-35 hours) position reports to the Executive Director. The position may offer remote working options. Attendance at some after-hours meetings and events is required. The starting salary is $20 an hour, and a benefits package will be negotiated with the successful candidate. 

To apply, submit your resume along with a cover letter. 

  • St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • Provides financial support to the Arts Council.

  • The Allied Arts Council is the City's official arts agency.