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A bronze sculpture of a Tom girl practicing on her violin with her hound puppy laying by her.  #15 Gotta Practice First by Sherri Treeby & Lee Leuning

Sculpture Walk


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2024-2025 Sculptures

People’s Choice Award

Grab a brochure and take the Sculpture Walk today! Afterward, vote for your favorite sculpture, then deposit it in one of the four brochure/ballot boxes downtown or drop it off at the Allied Arts Council office, 118 S 8th Street.

Hurry, the deadline for voting for your favorite is January 31st, 2025! 

#8 When the Clouds Break

#8 When the Clouds Break

Jodie Bliss

Website :      

Materials  :  Hand Forged Steel

Size :  120" height 56" width 18" depth 250 lbs. weight
Selling Price :

Sponsors : American Electric Lofts





Inspiration for the Artwork : “'When the Clouds Break' is inspired by a feeling that I believe to be universal, and one that I certainly feel from time to time; of being precariously balanced, juggling many things at once and feeling like there is not clear view of the future and of relief from this cycle. It is a reminder that life will ebb and flow and one day, 'When the Clouds Break' there will be sunshine and warmth and clarity!”

Is There a Sculpture You Can't Live Without? No worries, all  2024-25 sculptures are for sale. If you want to purchase one of the sculptures on loan, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Allied Arts Council by calling 816-233-0231 or via email at

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  • The Allied Arts Council is the City's official arts agency.