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A bronze sculpture of a Tom girl practicing on her violin with her hound puppy laying by her.  #15 Gotta Practice First by Sherri Treeby & Lee Leuning

Sculpture Walk


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2024-2025 Sculptures

People’s Choice Award

Grab a brochure and take the Sculpture Walk today! Afterward, vote for your favorite sculpture, then deposit it in one of the four brochure/ballot boxes downtown or drop it off at the Allied Arts Council office, 118 S 8th Street.

Hurry, the deadline for voting for your favorite is January 31st, 2025! 

#3 River People

#3 River People

Tim Adams  

Website :         

Materials  :  Stainless Steel & Lexan

Size :  7' height 2' width 4' depth 300 lbs. weight
Selling Price :

Sponsors :  City of St. Joseph





Inspiration for the Artwork : “Clean water has always been a resource that man, plant, and animals depend upon to survive. Water was the life source for communities and people originally settled near rivers and waterways. Wind was another defining characteristic of the Midwest prairie impacting settlers. ‘River People’ pays tribute to the relationship between man, water, and wind. The blue wave pattern symbolizes clean water, the green color represents the land or bounty provided by plentiful water, and the center piece 
which turns in the wind demonstrates the power of wind and its force in the Midwestern prairie.”

Is There a Sculpture You Can't Live Without? No worries, all  2024-25 sculptures are for sale. If you want to purchase one of the sculptures on loan, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Allied Arts Council by calling 816-233-0231 or via email at

  • St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • Provides financial support to the Arts Council.

  • The Allied Arts Council is the City's official arts agency.