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A bronze sculpture of a Tom girl practicing on her violin with her hound puppy laying by her.  #15 Gotta Practice First by Sherri Treeby & Lee Leuning

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2024-2025 Sculptures

People’s Choice Award

Grab a brochure and take the Sculpture Walk today! Afterward, vote for your favorite sculpture, then deposit it in one of the four brochure/ballot boxes downtown or drop it off at the Allied Arts Council office, 118 S 8th Street.

Hurry, the deadline for voting for your favorite is January 31st, 2025! 

#12 Hey, Mary Lou!

#12 Hey, Mary Lou!

Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

Website :        

Materials  :  Bronze

Size :  60" height 50" width 48" depth  400 lbs. weight
Selling Price :

Sponsors :  St. Joseph Downtown Community Improvement District 





Inspiration for the Artwork : “Our young hero finally gets a big play. He has made it around the end and down the sidelines when he is distracted by Cheerleader, Mary Lou,( 7th grade curse of puberty).

A third stringer; visual clues are pants so baggy his knee pads acting as shin guards, patched uniform, worn shoes (subs are always last in line when uniforms are handed out).

Our hero is about to be launched into space by a flying tackle by our ruff necked linebacker (visual clue-his broken nose, you never messed with a broken nosed kid growing up).

Our stop time image has only the cheek of the tackler touching our hero. His arms are still encircling his victim, who is oblivious in his moment of jr. high glory.
All this adds up to life’s lesson- One moment you’re on the top of the world the next you’re landing in the 2nd row bleacher.”


Is There a Sculpture You Can't Live Without? No worries, all  2024-25 sculptures are for sale. If you want to purchase one of the sculptures on loan, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Allied Arts Council by calling 816-233-0231 or via email at

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  • Provides financial support to the Arts Council.

  • The Allied Arts Council is the City's official arts agency.