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Traffic Box Project

The 2017 Traffic Box Project was completed by local artist Cristin Stevenson on October 20, 2017. Her masterpiece can be found at 8th & Francis St.

About the Piece: Growing With the Arts

After reviewing multiple submissions, the selection committee chose local artist Cristin Stevenson’s design as the winner. Stevenson is a professional mixed media and visionary artist most widely known as “PanArt” in the first Friday/Saturday art communities of Saint Joseph and Kansas City, Missouri.  

Stevenson, a barista at Café Pony Espresso, is no stranger to the downtown community. When asked about her thought process in creating her design, she explained that when she thinks about Downtown St. Joseph, the first thing that comes to mind is the art and music. “From First Saturday’s, the Allied Arts Council, St. Joseph Symphony, Missouri Theater and the music and events in Coleman Hawkins park, I feel that Downtown really knows how to honor the arts and I wanted to acknowledge that in my design,” she said.

“Since I am both an artist and musician myself, I’m also a firm believer in the power of the arts on our own personal growth. I used that midset to play on the idea of how we grow from music, art and literature,” explained Stevenson.

Her design, cleverly named “Growing with the Arts,” features musical instruments rooted into the ground and sprouting into trees. Also rooted is a collection of books, piano keys and a musical staff.  “I believe that art is where life and imagination collide. I wanted to use bright colors and whimsical, imaginative imagery in the design,” she said.

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