Artscape- explore your creative side!

Artscape, one of St. Joseph’s star programs for youth celebrated its 31st year in 2018.

  This hands-on fun, educational arts program gives children entering grades 3-10 an opportunity for intensive study of several area of the arts. Children learn and develop skills in dance, visual arts, theater, music and visual craft arts during the week-long experience. Artscape provides a rich experience for children who love the arts, and it does so with quality and efficiency. The camp holds more than 190 students and includes children from all walks of life.

  Scholarships are available to children who are interested in Artscape. Approximately a third of Artscape students are home-schooled or attend private/parochial schools. Another third are from public schools, and the final third come from many of the surrounding towns.

  Students love the one week during summer they get to share their love for the arts. When survey participants reported their overall satisfaction level with the camp, an overwhelming majority rated their experience as “excellent.”

  Artscape was first offered in 1988 and has been a popular success ever since. Artscape is sponsored by the Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph and receives support from the Western Institute and  Missouri Western State University Music and Art Departments.

  Artscape 2019 will be July 29-August 2. Enrollment will begin late spring of next year.

Artscape 2018 Registration


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