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Allied Arts Council 
Membership Drive:

What it is and why you 
should be involved

Written by Lauren Pierce

Here at the Allied Arts Council we host two large fundraising campaigns each year: Arts Fund and Membership Drive. Many readers receive solicitation for both of these important campaigns and I bet that half of you have one common thought: “I already donated to ______ campaign, why do I need to donate again? They’re the same thing, right?” 

Wrong. Before I started working as the Marketing Coordinator for the AAC, I was standing right next to you thinking the same thing. Why should I donate again when I JUST donated six months ago? I was confused. Maybe a little annoyed. But then I became a part of the campaign. It was then that I learned that the Arts Fund in the spring and the Membership Drive in the fall are two very different campaigns that DO have the same overall goal:  raise funds for the continuation and improvement of arts programs in St. Joseph.  

So how are they different? The Allied Arts Council’s spring Arts Fund campaign has more of a broad focus and raises funds for seven member arts organizations. These raised funds determine the budget of each organization for the following year. The Membership Drive, however, is a campaign focused solely on the Allied Arts Council’s daily operations and its programs- Artists in the Schools, Artscape, Traffic Box Project, Sculpture Walk, Mayors Awards for the Arts, and Trails West!®. These programs directly benefit and better the St. Joseph community year-round. 

Aside from the programs, funds raised through the Membership Drive help keep the Allied Arts Council up and running When I wasn’t directly involved in the AAC, it wasn’t my first instinct to think about who or what it takes to make the programs possible. It’s easy to forget about all of the behind-the-scenes aspects. Trust me, I get it. I mean, an organization doesn’t usually just come out and say “Hey, your donation helps us keep the lights on and the computers running!” or “this money will go towards the printing of our quarterly newsletter.” Instead, my mind was on how I could attend or how awesome the particular event was. I definitely didn’t know that it was a non-profit… upon initial realization, I was MIND-BLOWN.  I remember thinking to myself “How on Earth does a nonprofit provide such elaborate, successful and engaging programs?!”

Well now I know that it’s with the support of the community, of course! Our programs would not be possible without your monetary donations and generous support of the arts.

So how do you become a part of and donate to the AAC Membership Drive? Visit our website,, fill out the form on the back of this newsletter or come visit us at the Allied Arts Council office located at 118 South 8th Street in downtown St. Joseph!



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