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WYATT PARK CHRISTIAN CHURCH was organized in 1880 as a mission of First Christian Church to serve the newly annexed “Wyatt Park”  neighborhood.  The first building was a small Gothic style frame church, which served until the 1920’s when the present building was constructed at 27th and Mitchell Avenue.  In 1957, a new sanctuary was built featuring a parabolic roof and a large stained glass window representing the Creation by the Frei Studio of St. Louis.  The church contracted with a local organbuilder, who planned a new organ utilizing used components and later defaulted on the job. 

W. A. Brummer was hired to complete the organ, utilizing what he could of the assembled parts, including a duplex chest from an Aeolian residence organ, which serves as the main Swell chest, making the pedal borrows possible.  The resulting free-standing gallery installation has 28 ranks, including the Choir organ, located in the Chancel.






MIDWEST ORGAN SERVICE, Granite City, Illinois, 1963

III/28  Pitman and ventil chests with electro-pneumatic action


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8’ Principal

  8’ Spitzflute

  4’ Octave

  4’ Gedeckt

  2’ Blochflote

  1 1/3’ Klein Quinte

  1’ Octavin





16’ Rohr Bourdon

  8’ Rohr Flute

  8’ Gambe

  8’ Gambe Celeste  TC

  4’ Principal

  4’ Flute Harmonique

  2 2/3’ Rohr Nasat

  2’ Flautino

  2’ Plein Jeu III

16’ Sordun

  8’ Trompette

  4’ Clarion


  8’ Nason Gedeckt

  8’ Dolce

  8’ Unda Maris TC

  4’ Koppelflote

  2 2/3’ Nasat

  2’ Superoctav

  8’ Clarinet




16’ Principal

16’ SubBass

16’ Bourdon

16’ Rohrbourdon (Sw)

10 2/3’ Quint (Sw)

  8’ Principal

  8’ Rohrflote (Sw)

  8’ Gambe (Sw)

  4’ Principal (Sw)

       Plein Jeu III (Sw)

16’ Sordun (Sw)

  8’ Trompette (Sw)


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