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The Living Community of St. Joseph is operated by the Benedictine Health Service on the grounds of Heartland Health. The Benedictine Health System is a Catholic health care organization that provides a continuum of services and is entrusted with furthering the health care mission of the Benedictine Sisters of Duluth, Minnesota. The System is committed to witness to God's love for all people, with special concern for the poor, and the powerless. This mission is accomplished through Participating Organizations, which provide compassionate and competent services in an environment that enhances human worth.
  A 3-rank Moller “Artiste” pipe organ serves the chapel of the Living Community of St. Joseph. It was brought over to the St. Patrick's parish from the Holy Rosary Church when it was closed. It was recently replaced and made available for use at the Benedictine Health Services' related facility located on Heartland Health's property.


Self-contained Cabinet Organ at The Living Community


In its prior placement at St. Patrick's Catholic Church




The Living Community of St. Joseph

M. P. MOLLER CO., Hagerstown, Maryland, Opus 7741, 1948

Relocated from Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Relocated from St. Patrick's Catholic Church

II/3   Unit chests with electro-pneumatic action     


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8’ Diapason Conique

8’ Lieblich Gedeckt

8’ Salicional

4’ Octave

2 2/3 Quint

2’ Super Octave



8’ Lieblich Gedeckt

8’ Salicional

8’ Quintadena (synthetic)

4’ Lieblich Flute

4’ Salicet

2 2/3’ Nazard

2’ Piccolo

8’ Oboe (synthetic)



16’ Bourdon

  8’ Lieblich Flute

  4’ Diapason Conique

  4’ Flute

  2’ Super Octave



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