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KING HILL CHRISTIAN CHURCH traces its founding to April 1, 1900 when 15 people who were interested in starting a mission of Disciples of Christ Church in south St. Joseph met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Fleming.  As a result of a series of tent meetings conducted by Rev. J. A. McKenzie, Pastor of the Mitchell Park Christian Church, the membership increased to 45 adults and 14 children by June 1900. Rev. McKenzie also preached on Sunday afternoons to a small group meeting in a hall in the area known as “Georgetown”.  By December 23, 1900, the congregation had erected a 33’ x 40’ building on a lot at the corner of Ohio & Pryor, donated by John Donovan of Swift & Co. interests.  Rev. M. M. Goode, Pastor of Wyatt Park Christian Church, conducted a series of meetings which more than doubled the membership.  First Christian Church made an annual contribution to support the new King Hill Church.


In 1907, the church building was sold for almost enough to pay for the $1500 cost of a lot on the desirable corner of King Hill Avenue & Ohio,  on which the present building was constructed in the following year at a cost of $11,645, including the lot.  Although discussion about the purchase of a pipe organ began in 1943, a contract with M. P. Moller was not signed until July 1947.  The organ was installed in November 1947, with final payment on a note made one year later.



Interior of King Hill Christian Church




M. P. MOLLER CO., Hagerstown, Maryland,

Opus 7705, 1948

II/3      Unit chests with electro-pneumatic action


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8’ Diapason Conique

8’ Lieblich Gedeckt

8’ Salicional

4’ Octave

2 2/3 Quint

2’ Super Octave



8’ Lieblich Gedeckt

8’ Salicional

8’ Quintadena (synthetic)

4’ Lieblich Flute

4’ Salicet

2 2/3’ Nazard

2’ Piccolo

8’ Oboe (synthetic)



16’ Bourdon

  8’ Lieblich Flute

  4’ Diapason Conique

  4’ Flute

  2’ Super Octave



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