Bolstering Community
The arts pull at the loose threads of a community, weaving them together to form a beautiful tapestry of talent and the experience of that artistic expression. Best experienced in person, the arts bring people out of their homes to take in beauty together. The arts drive socially-enriching conversation as people are bonded by their shared experience and are eager to connect and discuss their favorite part of a play or which musical piece struck them most.

Boosting the Economy
It’s not just the arts: it’s the cast party after the performance, the coffee shop around the corner, the rush at the local café after a concert, and the purchase of the recorded performance after falling in love with the live version. The arts not only enrich personal experiences but encourage the community to enjoy a more complete outing that often involves a purchase or two.

Breeding Civic Engagement
A community that embraces the arts is one that takes pride in cultivating a coveted place to live. The arts spur community members to engage in the community in other ways, such as volunteering or participating in community events.

Thank you to the businesses and individuals who help bring arts and people together through the quality programs of the following agencies.

2019 Funded Agencies: 
Allied Arts Council
Creative Arts Productions
Performing Arts Association
Robidoux Resident Theatre
St. Joseph Community Chorus
Saint Joseph Symphony

Thank you to all who support the arts in any amount!   [ 2019 Arts Fund Contributors ]

The Arts Fund is operated by the Allied Arts Council to benefit its member agencies and the St. Joseph community.


Meet the

2019 Arts Fund Chairs

Denise Meyer and Janie Findley have accepted a second term as Arts Fund Co-Chairs. The two are continuing their mission from last year: keeping the arts alive in the St. Joseph community.

Denise Meyer (left) is serving her third term as Arts Fund co-chair. With two successful campaigns under her belt, she is confident that the Arts Fund Cabinet can meet this year’s goal of $230,000.  As board member of Creative Arts Productions she know the Arts Fund dollars are role in the agency’s ability to bring arts to our community.

“Thanks to the annual Arts Fund Campaign, Creative Arts Production can afford to hire quality, professional staff providing our children a solid theatrical experience.  It is important to our community’s success to continue to provide exceptional entertainment to our community and surrounding areas,” she said.

Meyer and her husband own and operate Meyer Floors. She serves on the boards of the Creative Arts Productions and the Allied Arts Council. In addition to co-chairing the Arts Fund campaign, she serves on the Council’s Arts Education committee and St. Joseph Christian School’s Arts Education Committee.

Janie Findley (right) has been actively involved in the community for over 30 years. She served as president of Board of Directors for CAP, as the president of Allied Arts for three years (1997-2000) and served and is currently on the Allied Arts Allocations Committee.

She believes arts are important to the community because they are integral for growth by attracting new businesses and employees and unifying the cultural experiences of the citizens of St. Joseph.

“The arts truly create community. The seven organizations that the Arts Fund supports serve as incentives for businesses recruiting employees to our community, provide educational opportunities to our children, and offer our citizens and opportunity to explore and enjoy a variety of artistic offerings,” she said.

Findley has been a loan originator with Farmers State Bank for over five years, and was affiliated with US Bank for 22 years prior to that.